Freeze Drying and Everything Else You Need to Know

Let’s begin with what freeze drying is. Freeze drying is a process deemed lyophilization, where small amounts of any given product are frozen and then put under a vacuum where it turns into vapor without defrosting beforehand. The remaining water is then removed from the liquid product, which allows it to stay in its original structure. Because it is put in a vacuum, the ice evaporates immediately, which guarantees that most of the taste, texture, and nutrients, will remain untouched by the process. Freeze drying is one of the many ways to preserve fresh milk and make it last longer. It is often favored because of its ability to keep most properties intact. Since there are no statistics for camel...

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The New Milk: Moshe Schneider

Milk, is one of the primary food that dominated our childhood. We all have our share of memories associated with incidents of milk. Some of us loved it, some ran way from it, some were forced to drink it while some were lured to drink it in exchange of little benefits. Milk made it’s way to our lives since our formative years. Other beverages came later with worries of growing up, but before any drink, there was milk. Milk has been one of the most natural food and a rich source of calcium to strengthen our bones, dental cavities and immunity as a whole. Special categories of milk such as camel milk has been used as medicine for autism, diabetes and...

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More than a town

 Rochester is a small town in Victoria County, Australia. Approximate population of this town is 3500 - 4000. Ecosystem here is focused on agriculture and dairy business. Organized farming and care of cattle has sprouted many business opportunities including some big ones like The Devondale. How did we come to know about this place and what made us decide to start our venture from here? Well, as an ambassador of healthy lifestyle, we have studied stories of many legendary sportspersons. The Oppy is one of our favorite! Story of a man who rode bicycle from age of 8 till 90 can inspire even a depressed soul to take another ride! Rochester is a birthplace to The Oppy, aka  Sir...

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