The New Milk: Moshe Schneider

Milk, is one of the primary food that dominated our childhood. We all have our share of memories associated with incidents of milk. Some of us loved it, some ran way from it, some were forced to drink it while some were lured to drink it in exchange of little benefits. Milk made it’s way to our lives since our formative years. Other beverages came later with worries of growing up, but before any drink, there was milk.

Milk has been one of the most natural food and a rich source of calcium to strengthen our bones, dental cavities and immunity as a whole. Special categories of milk such as camel milk has been used as medicine for autism, diabetes and regulator of blood circulation!

Dairy industry has been a part of our civilizations since the beginning, before Egypt, Greece, Persia and Rome, there was milk! Our love for this food has given birth to cattle farming. Man has milked almost every mammal to find out benefits of their milk. There has been so many categories of milk that one would need a lifetime to taste all of them. Some of milk categories got buried in changing times while some survived through milenniums.

Camel milk is one such food that has been an integral part of human growth since many centuries. Nomads and Bedouin tribes have used it for many purposes such as medicines, food for infants and source of vitamins and minerals to fight several diseases.

When we, team of milk lovers at Camilk, first learned about camel milk and it’s benefits, we were puzzled why is this food not popular as other kinds of milk? Are the stories of camel milk really true or just the opinions? We were told not to research; just drink it for a month. All the doubts were cleared one by one in just a week! It has got the taste but less fat, it has got minerals and vitamins but doesn’t feel heavy, it gets sour after 5 days but just soured camel milk is even more beneficial!

Our team focused on finding out why is this white gold hidden from majority of the world. Answers are pretty simple. Camel milk is not easily available. Camels are first choice of riders and travelers but not of cattle farmers. Lactation period of camels is limited hence less revenue compared to other cattle. Most serious of all is, people are not aware about it so it’s utilized and is buried under pile of excuses, incomplete information and incorrect perspectives. 

We, Camilk, decided to unearth benefits of camel milk to people. Spread awareness so that we change the way we live by changing the way we treat camels. Our protests to stop culling and other exploitation of camels has only one question: why to kill this species when they can help us survive?

Our cause led us to set up several camel farms across Australia, Asia and USA. We are committed to supply fresh and pure camel milk from the best camel breeds. Our farms are dedicated to nurture the camels with all the care and attention they deserve. We aim to serve 10,000 camels in next five to seven years!

Camilk is just not a dairy, It’s a cause. A cause towards sustainable and healthy future. Come, let’s be a part of a new beginning in the history of dairy industry.


Moshe Schneider
Senior Research Associate
Camilk llc

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