Q Why should I drink camel milk?

A Camel milk is full of natural goodness and has far greater health benefits than other types of milk. According to researchers it’s low in lactose and cholesterol while being rich in proteins. In addition to this, camel milk is the closest known alternative to mother’s milk.


Q Does Camilk use fresh, 100% natural Camel milk?

A At Camilk, we put every effort into ensuring that the quality of our camel milk is second to none. We use the most advanced technology to collect, process, and package our camel milk so that you’ll receive the freshest product possible.


Q What’s the best way to store and consume Camilk?

A Camel milk is a perishable dairy product. It should be stored at all times below 5 degrees celsius and in an upright position in a closed container. The milk should be discarded if the storage temperature fell above 5 degrees celsius or exceeded 8-days from production date.


Q Is powdered Camel milk the same quality as fresh Camel milk?

A Powdered camel milk is 100% natural and retains all the beneficial nutrients that fresh camel milk contains. At Camilk, we guarantee that both our powdered and our fresh camel milk products are exactly the same high quality.


Q What does Camel milk taste like?

A At Camilk, we’re proud to say that we’ve achieved the perfect balance between sweet and salty camel milk. This is all down to the unique and balanced diet our camels enjoy at our various farms across the globe. 


Q How much Camel milk can I consume daily?

A This is totally up to you and depends on your dietary requirements or personal preferences. As camel milk isn’t a drug or medication there aren’t any universal dosage limits. However, we’re sure that you’ll work out what’s right for you after just 1 glass of delicious Camilk.


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